Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation also known as augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. While breast augmentation is a transformative journey to enhance your silhouette it involves the careful placement of implants to increase breast size, improve shape, or restore breast volume lost post-pregnancy or weight reduction. At Exult Clinics our expert surgeons use advanced techniques to provide personalised enhancements that align with each patient’s unique body contours and aesthetic goals. Whether you seek a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic change our team is dedicated to delivering results that boost your confidence and complement your natural beauty.

How to choose the best?

Deciding on the best breast augmentation procedure for you? We got you covered at Exult here we simplify this journey. Here are key points to consider:

  • Understand Your Goals: Reflect on what you wish to achieve – is it about size, shape or both? Your personal aesthetic goals are the foundation of your decision.
  • Research Implant Types: Familiarise yourself with the different types of implants – saline, silicone and ‘Gummy Bear’. Each has unique characteristics and benefits.
  • Consult with Experts: Schedule a consultation with our experienced surgeons. They can provide tailored advice based on your body type, lifestyle and aesthetic desires.
  • Consider Your Lifestyle: Your daily activities and long-term health considerations play a crucial role. Choose an option that aligns with your lifestyle for lasting satisfaction.
  • Evaluate the Clinic’s Reputation: Look for client testimonials and the clinic’s history of successful procedures.
  • Ask About Recovery and Care: Understanding the recovery process and aftercare requirements is crucial. We ensure you’re well-informed about every step of the journey.
  • Evaluate Cost vs. Quality: While budget is important, don’t compromise on quality and safety. At Exult, we offer competitive pricing without sacrificing excellence.
  • Seek Personalised Recommendations: Remember, every individual is unique. Our team at Exult provides personalised recommendations that cater specifically to your needs and goals.

By considering these points, you can make an informed decision and embark on your breast augmentation journey with confidence and clarity.

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Breast Augmentation Types

Choosing the right type of breast augmentation is pivotal in achieving your desired outcome. At Exult, we offer a variety of implant options, each with its unique benefits. Here’s a breakdown to help you understand your choices:

  1. Saline Implants: Ideal for those seeking a more adjustable and cost-effective option. Saline implants provide a uniform shape and firmness. They are filled with sterile salt water and offer flexibility in adjusting size during surgery.
  2. Silicone Gel Implants: Known for their natural feel, silicone gel implants are a popular choice. They are pre-filled with silicone gel and are praised for their ability to mimic breast tissue.
  3. ‘Gummy Bear’ Implants: These are form-stable implants known for retaining their shape even when the implant shell is broken. The consistency is firmer, offering a more sculpted look and feel.
  4. Round Implants: For those desiring a fuller look, round implants make an excellent choice. They can provide more projection and are less likely to shift post-surgery.
  5. Teardrop Implants: Mimicking the natural shape of the breast, teardrop implants are tapered at the top and fuller at the bottom. They are ideal for those seeking a more natural and subtle enhancement.
  6. Smooth Implants: These implants offer a softer feel and can move with the breast implant pocket, giving a more natural movement.
  7. Textured Implants: Designed to reduce the risk of a tight scar capsule, textured implants are less likely to move around inside the breast and change position.

Our expert team at Exult will guide you through these options, considering your body type, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals, ensuring that you make a choice that’s tailor-made for you.


At Exult, our commitment to excellence in cosmetic aesthetics is reflected not just in our patient care but also in the recognition we’ve received. Our journey is marked by significant achievements that underscore our dedication to being at the forefront of cosmetic surgery.


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These milestones are the result of our relentless pursuit of perfection in every procedure we undertake. Our team’s expertise, combined with cutting-edge technology, has set new standards in cosmetic surgery, making Exult a name synonymous with trust and quality.

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Each achievement at Exult is a step towards redefining cosmetic aesthetics in India. We pride ourselves not just on the accolades but on the lives we’ve transformed and the confidence we’ve built in our patients. Our journey continues with the same passion and dedication that have been the hallmark of our success.

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At Exult, we take immense pride in our team of esteemed cosmetologists and surgeons. Each member of our medical team is not just a practitioner but a pioneer in the field of cosmetic aesthetics, dedicated to providing exceptional care and delivering outstanding results.

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Choosing Exult means entrusting your cosmetic journey to some of the most skilled hands in the industry. Our doctors are here to guide, support, and realize your vision of beauty, ensuring an experience that goes beyond mere treatment to become a truly transformative journey.

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