Nose job / Nose reshaping

Nose job/rhinoplasty – corrects breathing discomfort and/or nose shape
A nose job or rhinoplasty is one of the most common reasons you would consider visiting a plastic surgeon’s office. Not only is this because the nose is a most prominent feature and organ on one’s face, but the tiniest of flaws in the shape, thickness, position, or orientation of the nose can show up very starkly against the face. It is not surprising, therefore, that people want a perfectly shaped nose to set off their facial features. This is done through rhinoplasty.
In addition to reasons of aesthetic consideration, rhinoplasty may also be needed for health reasons such as a deviated septum. Structural malformation in the nose can affect breathing activity and, in such cases, correction can be offered through rhinoplasty.
Rhinoplasty can work wonders to:

• Reduce or increase the size of the nose
• Make the nose proportionately sized
• Clear the airways
• Correct any asymmetry between the two sides
• Sharpen the tip of the nose
• Correct the side profiles to remove nodes or bumps
• Thicken or thin down the bridge of the nose

When considering rhinoplasty for yourself, it helps to remember that a certain amount of differences between the two sides of the nose are common – nobody has a completely symmetric face. That is why it is best to take an appointment with an aesthetic surgeon to arrive at which changes are workable for your face and are worth pursuing. The plastic surgeon’s goal will be to achieve balance between the nose and the rest of the facial features so that the nose does not stand out for the wrong reasons.
When rhinoplasty is recommended as a means to correcting alignment, the surgeon takes into consideration the breathing patterns, the structure of the airways, and the deviation resulting in the impaired breathing. A simple correction of the alignment can result in a lot of relief for the individual in breathing.
Procedure: The first step in rhinoplasty is anaesthesia. The patient may require an open rhinoplasty in which the incision is made across the columella or a closed procedure. The skin from the nose is pulled back and the organ is reshaped. This is done with great care because a major part of the nose is made of delicate tissue called cartilage. Sometimes the shape correction is done by adding cartilage grafts. The septum or the partition between the two halves of the nose is also made of cartilage. In the same procedure, the correction required to realign the airways with more space, and correct the septum, are also performed.
The final step is to rearrange the skin over the nose. This is done and the incision is closed with sutures that are hidden inside the nose. If you need to change the size of the nostrils, that can also be done. The incisions take a few days to heal, but the effects of the nose job can be seen immediately. Patients will also see a marked increase in breathing comfort.